Home Coming!

Since 2004 Upper Myanmar Mission split into two because of the so called Conference Movement. About 3000 church members went out From the church and stand as Myanmar Union Conference not recognized By SSD. In 2011 about 100 church members from Anlangh came back to the main church and eleven leaders from Union and Mission accepted them to the mother church. From then many conference members came back to our main church time by time.

From 2015 Tahan B church want to come back into the main church. On 31st March 2016 phone rang from Mr. Thang Lian Khup the leader of Tahan B Conference church invite MYUM leaders to come and accept them to the Remnant church. It is about 2:00 pm afternoon and The Union leaders arrange as fast as possible. All air tickets are gone and MYUM secretary,MYUM Treasurer and SS leader went there by Union truck at 5:00pm. It is 21 hours long and hard journey.The Union  President cannot accompany with the group because he went to Homalin,UMM for crusade and church dedication.From UMM the President and the Secretary accompany with us in the welcoming programs.

On 2nd April we started the welcoming and accepting programs. Pr. Pau Suan Mung Tahan B Pastor and Mr. Thang Lian Khup first elder of the church submitted 180 church members and Sabbath School members into MYUM with  175 feet by 157 feet church compound with a church building, Middle school building 114 by 22 feet by measured, a quarter for church pastor and two stores store. 180 church members are unaudited because many were migrated to abroad. There is 26 families and about 85 Sabbath school members there. Pastor Kelly P. Lyan MYUM executive secretary and Pastor Kap Lian Thang UMM President warmly and joyfully accepted them as the sisterhood of the World church of Adventists. Praise the Lord for hearing our 12 years Marathon prayer.

Reported by,
Pastor Kelly P. Lyan
Executive Secretary, MYUM

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